CHAN 2018: Federal coach Sadeghi calls Botola Pro-26 internationals on

We were they almost forgot, but our local team is soon to be a continental final round in their own country.

The local football team, led by Morocco's national team coach Jamal Sachdeva, will meet today to the 14th of this month to go prepare for the forthcoming CHAN 2018. This tournament, which is meant for players from the local African leagues, would initially be organized by another long. The African football CAF Kenya eventually took away the hosting, partly due to a lack of the necessary infrastructure, and chose Morocco as new Organizer.

Morocco had already qualified for the final round, when at the expense of the local team of the Egyptians. The tournament starts on January 11, the final will be on 2 February finished. The preparation that so this week start will take place in Marrakech, decided otherwise.

1. Imran M'hamdi (RS Berkane)
2. Yahya El Filali (DHJ Jadida)
3. Abate Zniti (Raja Casablanca)

4. Nayef Aguerd (FUS Rabat)
5. Soufiane Bouftini (HUSA Agadir)
6. Hamza Semmoumy (FUS Rabat)
7. Mohammed N (Wydad Casablanca)
8. Marouane El Hadhoudi (DHJ Jadida)
9. Steve Jbira (Raja Casablanca)
10. Saad Ait Khoursa (FUS Rabat)

11. Mehdi Oubila (HUSA Agadir)
12. Gary Yahya (HUSA Agadir)
13. Badr Boulahroud (FUS Rabat)

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