King Mohammed VI holds a speech tonight

The speech is on the occasion of the forty-second anniversary of the Green March.

King Mohammed VI keeps the nation tonight for a speech. The speech will be to 20:30 hour (Moroccan time, so 21:30 Dutch time) are kept and will be televised live by the public radio and television.

In november 1975, the Moroccan monarch Hassan II this Green Mars, in which 350,000 Moroccans were sent to the Sahara. The action was intended to put pressure on Spain, which in that area then as colonizer. In addition, the March had to contribute to national unity and strengthen the authority of the monarch.

After two coups of the army in 1971 and 1972, which sought to bring life to the King, Hassan II had the strong need to restore his authority. The Green March, less than a month later colonizer Spain succeeded from the area.

The Green Mars today is a national holiday in Morocco that on 6 november.

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