AIT-Melloul: son known Moroccan businessman involved in large-scale alcohol smuggling

The father of the suspect is among other things in wholesale groceries.

In AIT-Melloul, the authorities recently 3 suspects nabbed Al Akhbar today, to what the Moroccan media reports this threesome seems to stand at the base of a large scale trade in alcoholic beverages. One of the suspects in question is the son of a wealthy food merchant who operates in particular in the South of Morocco.

Everything indicates that the head of this criminal organization is the son of the businessman. The authorities came the transport of up to 5000 bottles of alcohol on the track after a tip. After nightly surveillance were found 2 trucks to near a warehouse. In addition to its food and beverages in which trucks were those hidden alcohol bottles.

The police investigation is ongoing, it is known that soon also the father of one of those suspects will be included in that research.

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