Financial Times: ' Ouarzazate, popular with actors and directors '

The media highlighted this time particularly Ouarzazate, a concept in the international film world.

The British media The Financial Times recently devoted special attention to the city of Ouarzazate. The southern film town is internationally known among actors, film directors and movie audiences. The work that is most known to the film connoisseur are according to the medium, in the following order: Kingdom of Heaven, Game of Thrones, Lawrence of Arabia, Oedipus Rex and Gladiator.

The ' Hollywood of Africa "has several major film studios such as Studio and Kanzaman Atlas Corporation. Last year alone, there were as many as 33 million in productions for place, said Sarim Fassi-Fihri Director of the CCM (film authority Morocco). That Morocco is so popular, according to Fassi-Fihri with a number of factors. Some of these are the distance with Europe, the stability and the mostly highly skilled technicians.

To the souped-up tackling international competition somewhat announced the Moroccan Government recently introduced a measure to those for film products attractive should make to run in Morocco. In practice, this means that producers for 20% of the costs incurred onbelastbaar.

Less than 2 years ago Morocco ended on the second place of the list of The Guardian film with most attractive countries in the world.

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