The speech by King Mohammed VI in picture (video)

The speech was held on the occasion of the forty-second anniversary of the Green March.

King Mohammed VI gave yesterday evening the annual Green March speech. This was broadcast on public radio and television, the broadcast is in the video below.

In the speech reminded the King the nation to in M'Hamid El Ghizlane on the rights of Morocco in the Sahara.

"My grandfather repeated the historical and legal rights of Morocco with regard to the Sahara, when he solemnly and publicly stated to the representatives of the Sahrawi tribal sheikhs, who swore their loyalty (bei'a) to him, that he would continue to work on the recovery of the Sahara, in accordance with the historical rights of Morocco and in accordance with the will of the inhabitants of the region. "

The King also said: "the Sahara will remain Moroccan until God inherits the country-which sacrifices there also be necessary."

For those who do not speak Arabic, here's the full speech in English as text read:

[video = youtube; arEF9s0uTfc] time_continue = 1 & v = arEF9s0uTfc [/video]

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