Moroccan children are more than 3 hours per day in front of the tv

A Moroccan household spends on average even more than 7 hours per day for the viewing tube.

Moroccan children older than five years are daily three hours and 20 minutes in front of the television, according to the French MarocMètrie, an agency that the viewing figures meet in Morocco.

Each household spends a day in Morocco seven hours and six minutes to watching television programs. Twenty-eight million Moroccans look into one of the national tv channels, with an average of 2 million viewers and 4.5 million per second per second during prime time.

Turkish soap operas are the most watched tv programs in Morocco, some 6 million viewers per episode. National tv programs register low figures, reports the Moroccan daily Al Massae.

International studies show that children and adults who are either long term displays are, according to The Guardian more than three hours a day, possibly an increased chance to come by and susceptible to type 2 diabetes.