Shooting Marrakech: Search rented villa and car of the two shooters

The investigation into the shooting in Marrakech is still in progress.

A special unit of the Directorate-General for the national security (DGSN) has Sunday searched a villa that was rented by the two shooters, which the Dutch nationality, of the shooting on Thursday 2 november in café La Cream in Marrakech.

In the edition of the newspaper Al Akhbar today let us know that the search of this villa also led to the seizure of a car that was used by the two suspects, as well as other personal items, including a laptop.

The vehicle in question was leased from an agency in the city. The villa was to the two rented out by an intermediary who had requested no photo ID.

According to the sources of the newspaper interviewed the police the residents and the district representative of the Association of owners to collect information about activities at the site before and after the shooting. Witnesses said they saw the two suspects last Wednesday, one day before the crime, at the entrance to the House, where activities associated with prostitution were reported. They were in a new car arrived, after which they again appeared on a motor scooter, the same one they used during the shooting.

The investigation into the shooting is jointly carried out by the judicial police of Marrakech, the National Criminal Police brigade (led by DGSN) and the intelligence services of the DGST, under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor's Office. The joint investigation was the arrest of the two Dutchmen, one of which comes from Suriname and one from the Dominican Republic.

Al Akhbar added that from the international research conducted revealed that both suspects have a long criminal history. Both accused have a criminal record and are known to the police for their direct ties to cases involving international drug trafficking, kidnapping, armed robbery and attempted murder.