Moroccan Highway administrator ADM launches three new projects

The three new highway projects will help improve the traffic infrastructure in Morocco.

The Moroccan Highway administrator (ADM) grip on yesterday celebrating the Green March on to announce that they have launched three new highway projects.

In a statement ADM announced the opening of a new toll on the node Mohammedia-East in the direction of Rabat. The station increases its capacity to six lanes (formerly 2), whereby the flow of traffic. This project required 7 months of work.

A second project was launched in the city of Kenitra. Here starts with work for the development of a new node on the Rabat-Tangiers motorway 232 km mark. This project will increase the connectivity and mobility in this city.

Finally, ADM announced in Agadir the effective launch of the development of a new service area along the descent of Amskroud (Highway Marrakech-Agadir). 90 equipped with resting places for truck drivers, the drivers leave this area to pause to interim, after which they can resume their journey, gives Lefr360.

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