Casablanca: more than 1000 surveillance cameras should make the city safer

An investment of 850 million dirham to combat the crime in the city.

In the newspaper of Tuesday 7 november, Al Ahdath Al Maghribiya announced that the municipality of 850 million dirham Casablanca has mobilized to a network of more than 1000 surveillance cameras.

These surveillance cameras will be divided between the security services in the city and the various local companies that manage public services, such as public transport and the collection of domestic waste. According to Al Ahdath it is for example possible to, in the long run, a total distance of 35 kilometers with cameras to monitor to the tram line have been confirmed.

It should be noted that the Directorate General of national security (DGSN) in Casablanca that is associated with thousands of surveillance cameras at key points in the city. This command centre is based at the head office in Casablanca and contributes to the real time fight crime. The main arterial roads are also being watched. This command centre is connected with large commercial complexes such as the Morocco Mall and the banking centres, emphasizes the newspaper.

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