TGV incident: national railway company ONCF comes with a statement

Only a few hours after publication on social media a photo of a high-speed train derailed, the ONCF published a statement.

The national railway company of Morocco (ONCF) let no grass grow and soon came yesterday with an explanation for the viral previous picture of a derailed high-speed train (TGV).

After the publication by some media and accounts on social networks by a picture of a high-speed train derailed, the ONCF provides the following clarifications:

-On 2 november, at the station of Laouamra near Larache, and during a maneuver operation (and not during tests) of the high-speed train week an axis of the train on the route of the service trail,
-The specialist teams of the ONCF immediately intervened and have put the train back on track,
-It has no impact on the material, nor on the continuation of the tests.