Kijktip: impressive World Cup promo ' Lion never loses ' (video)

Watch and enjoy this wonderful World Cup promo of Almarssadpro!

The Moroccan football has highs and lows, soon to be registered on a possibility to make history and to show himself again after 20 year absence from a World Cup. the team what for quite some time by national coach Herve Renard is coached now seems to have sufficient baggage to that coveted World Cup ticket back to Morocco.

Just as in run up to other important matches and end tournaments brought the Moroccan football medium Almarssadpro also for the important game of Saturday a nice promo video.

[video = youtube; 6Rqm1ZGlTy8] time_continue = 1 & v = 6Rqm1ZGlTy8 [/video]


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