International arrest warrant against Moroccan gangster Joseph ' Casablanca ' issued

An international arrest warrant has been issued against an Italian gangster.

The so called ' Casablanca ' Joseph is wanted to belong to a network of criminals active in the drug trade.

Joseph ' Casablanca ' is also wanted for the murder of a woman who was active in the trafficking in drugs and human beings, as well as in money laundering. According to Al Ahdath Al Maghribia, the woman, who operated between Montenegro and Italy, last seen with the Moroccan before her disappearance.

The Italian police have also contacted the Moroccan police to obtain more information about the "Moroccan mafia," said the daily newspaper. The security services of the two countries are doing joint research to figure out whether the Italian mafia also surgically is now in Morocco.

Information has revealed he Gibraltar passed with a false identity.

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