Resistance group demands clearing Hague murder

The Arab-Iranian resistance movement Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz (ASMLA) requires clarification on the murder of its leader Ahmad Mola Nissi

Ahmad Mola Nissi was Wednesday in the Jan Riebeekstraat's shot. His identity is not yet by the Hague police confirmed, but on website of the organisation shall inform the ASMLA "that the fingers point in the direction of Iran". The website relies, inter alia, on information from Omroep West.

Also the website reports the death of Nissi. The head of the Ahwaz Center for Media and Strategic Studies in London, Hasan Radhi, the death of Nissi opposite Sky News Thursday also confirmed.

In a statement on the Web site is "an urgent investigation into the circumstances of the case".

The ASMLA is fighting for independence of the province of Khuzistan (Ahwaz), those in the West of Iran against the Iraqi border.

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