Morocco has no less than 42,000 more unemployed in 2017

Unemployment in Morocco continues to rise, especially among young people.

The number of unemployed increased 42,000 people, including Moroccans with 38,000 people from urban areas and 4000 from rural areas, according to the high Planning Commission (HCP).

The number of unemployed persons increased from 0.2 percent to 1,194,000 1,236,000, a rise in a year. The rise can be explained by a low range of courses, there were only 89,000 jobs created in the third quarter of 2017.

The highest unemployment rates for young people aged 15-24 years with an unemployment rate of over 29.3%, followed by graduates with a percentage of 18.2%. The participation rate of women remained low, with 21.3% working women. A percentage that Morocco at the bottom of the list of women participation in the labour market.

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