Two boys seriously injured by collision with tram in Casablanca (video)

They tried with their scooter a shorter route to take.

Two guys on a scooter yesterday evening were hit by a tram in Casablanca at the station Wafasalaf. She tried to take a shorter route to cross the tram rails. One of them has suffered injuries to his head and the other person is injured in his ear. They were by the emergency services transferred to the emergency room.

Lefr360 spoke to a number of eye-witnesses.

The first man said: "I was watching and saw the tram arrive drive, I heard a loud bang and went to look where it came from and saw that two young boys on the ground layers. They were both wounded, one of them ran blood from his ear ".

The third eye-witness says "the tram came out and the boys wanted to take a shortcut, thereby they crossed the tram rails about, hereinafter referred to as they came in collision with the tram. The scooter ended up on the driver, we have helped to remove the vehicle from the victim, both boys were injured, they are brothers of each other ".

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