Police officers in Rabat were given extra 4000 dirham on account

A nice surprise, that not only took a very long time.

Some of the policemen in Rabat suddenly saw an extra 4000 dirham on their bank account, another part however, got nothing. The police officers sat for three days in tension, one group was happy with the money comes in handy, the other group had serious doubts and wondered why they had received no premium.

The money was deposited Monday, at the same time as the 42nd anniversary of the Green March. Assabah, the medium that this unusual story today, reports that most police officers thought that this was a pay increase or bonus. The one that this money had been deposited into their account not wondered why they were excluded. But, adds Assabah, there was not an increase or a premium, but a technical error made by a local bank. The 4000 dirham which was paid to the agents, were so again from their account.

Assabah has contacted an official of the Directorate General of national security (DGSN) which, however, declined to comment. The official indicated that the questions had to be addressed to the bank who was responsible for this blunder.