Friendly match against: Morocco vs. France Saturday once again Young

After the remittance of last night against the promises of France, the team of Mark Wotte the Saturday weather going to try.

After the large defeat against the peers from Italy (ed. 4-0), the team of the Dutchman Mark Wotte is trending upward at home last night. In the stadium of DHJ Jadida Botola Pro formation received one is young France. After the early goal, from the French (27 ') was the Málaga CF striker Hicham Boussefiane that the team just before the peace again, and also the final score with his hit.

This friendly diptych is completed Saturday, to 15:00 (Dutch time) one takes it in the same stadium on against the French. For the enthusiast who can't wait until the game later that day, the competition will in contrast to the first game by Arryadia.

Benabid; Khammas, Ha, Laadoul, Dari, Benktib, Mazraoui, Boussefiane, and Baby Boutouil, Fadiz

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