Arrest of a sa7ir in Nouaceur

At the time of his arrest there were as many as 30 female customers.

The arrest followed a complaint by one of the victims of the sa7ir. According to the daily newspaper Assabah would the guy have benefited from the situation of the victim that tried all ways to reunite with her husband d.m.v. sihr.

He would have asked for large sums of money and push her to her jewelry to sell, because he otherwise would not be able to continue his "miracle cure". In addition, the State of health of the victim began to deteriorate after the drink of a fluid that the sa7ir had given her. The woman began to suffer from prolonged diarrhea and stomach pain, for which she saw many doctors, but who could not cure her.

The victim finally decided to file a complaint against the sa7ir for the deterioration of her health condition and for the money he had cajoled her, which amounted to 140,000 dirham.

The 57-year-old sa7ir was on the evening of 3 november in the Nouaceur-Prefecture arrested in a house he used to have to carry out practices sihr. There were 30 female customers present at the time of the arrest. They were all questioned by the gendarmerie for the benefit of the research.

Sihr is strictly forbidden in Islam. Both rely on sihr if running is not allowed. It is also one of the greatest sins in Islam.