Stricter conditions for obtaining driving licence in Morocco

Goal: reduce the number of road accidents

The Secretary of State for transport, Mohamed Boulif, Najib seems determined the conditions for obtaining driver's licenses. One wants to reduce the large number of road accidents, reports medias24.

At a press conference, which was held in Rabat on Wednesday 8 november, Boulif Najib announced various measures to introduce tougher rules before driving licences are awarded.

The announced measures are:

-increase the success rate for the theoretical tests based on 34 of the 40 points for category B and 40 of the 46 points for the category CD,

-the duration of obtaining the driving licence be set at at least 45 days between the date of signing of the training contract between the applicant and the institution and that of the first practice test,

-the questions of the theoretical test will be revised,

-training costs (category B) are set at 37 dirhams per hour for the theoretical test and 75.5 dirham for the practice test.

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