Holds 200 migrants against Morocco at Sebta

This morning there was another attempt to illegal migration.

The Moroccan police occurred Friday morning 10 november, an attempt at illegal immigration to Sebta, reports . About 200 migrants were trying to cross the border. This took place about 04:30 o'clock in the morning.

Fifteen migrants were injured and were taken to a local hospital. Also three Moroccan security officers were injured.

The Moroccan security forces have the doors and fences at the border-crossing point Tarajal closed. The Spanish security forces in Sebta, which were deployed throughout the area, did not have to intervene because the migrants failed to pass.

There are various illegal attempts by migrants in the last few days, adds El Faro Ceuta. Last Friday, a group of 80 people tried to enter Sebta, 13 people were there when in.