Azemmour: death penalty for murder and cannibalism on 14-year-old boy

An incredibly lurid and bizarre story played himself in August of this year in Azemmour.

The death sentence was yesterday by the Court of appeal in El Jadida pronounced against a person because of murder and cannibalistic acts on a minor boy in the city of Azemmour.

The facts date back to August of this year, when a person a 14-year-old boy to the Catholic cemetery in the city of Azemmour provoked. According to Al Massae, in its Edition today, changed what a drunken evening would be in a terrible murder. The offender would be the throat of the victim have cut with a large knife. He would be the rib cage of the 14-year-old boy have opened his heart ate and drank his blood.

Hereinafter referred to as the killer and let the body open and exposed. A passerby alerted the police after his macabre discovery. The killer was quickly arrested, not far from the crime scene. He was transferred to the regional Mohammed V hospital, where he everything known in the presence of police officers. A doctor who was present during the interrogation, would the killer have dedicated to surrender, with the police the remains of the heart of the victim found.