Moroccan Minister speaks out about spread shocking images after shooting Marrakech

The Moroccan Minister of culture and communication is not to mention the spread of photos of the victims.

Faced with the shocking images of the shooting of Marrakech, the Minister of culture and communication, Mohamed El Aaraj, its "outrage" about this HuffpostMaroc out to the news media. The Minister deplores the lack of professionalism and lack of respect for ethics. He regards it as a priority to set up a national press Council and gives an overview of the measures taken to prevent such abuses.

"I would also like to express my indignation over the publication by a number of electronic information sites-fortunately a minority-of the macabre and bloody pictures, which with little decency in relation to human dignity are treated. I regret sincerely that these images be spread, closeups sometimes, and not blurry created, full of unprofessional Act and which bear witness to a flagrant violation of the basic rules for ethics and professional conduct. "

"On the other hand, it occurred to me with pride on that much of the press has given preference to remember. It has not given in to these unscrupulous scoop race, and to this trivialization of the spread of violent images, in fact only ' clickbaits for commercial and advertising purposes '. She has a lot of respect for the ethics of the profession and has published images that the victim is not identified. And this for the sole purpose of violence. "

There is a new press code adopted and published in which the texts related to the press and publishing in one law be integrated, thus the Minister; it comes to three laws:
-Law No. 88-13 relative to the press and publishing house
-Law No. 89-13 is the status of professional journalists
-Law No. 90-13 for the creation of the National Press Council

The Minister continued, "these texts, of preserving the right to image and privacy and human dignity a key and explicit concept created. Several articles have a very precise definition of privacy and the right to image. I quote: "constitutes an infringement on the privacy of every allocation to a person, whose identification is made possible, by unfounded accusations or disclosure of facts, pictures or videos of an intimate nature of persons or in relation to their personal life, unless the latter has a close connection with public life or has an impact on the management of public affairs ". They also prohibit any incitement to hate crimes, and racial discrimination "