Exclusive interview: young FC Utrecht-Defender Ebie about his professional contract

Opposite our editors informed Ebie drawing his first professional contract, FC Utrecht put it for a minimum of 2.5 season.

After in the summer to be received by VV de Meern should the 21-year-old Redouane El Y last Thursday put his signature under his very first professional contract. The Defender had so far 7 League matches (where 2 assists originated from) on are included in the promises of the Domstedelingen in the Jupiler League, and that while he played on amateur basis check if any player. Head coach and technical manager Erik Ten Hag spoke at the club website full of praise for the former big leaguer: ''

' Thank you brother, so where do I start? First of all, I can say that it has been so far a very nice time. I football my whole life and really like the game, I enjoy to the fullest. I football now also 6 times a week and good, if you like something like then do you prefer as often as possible. My first matches in professional football were beautiful, much more public than I'm used to and a totally different atmosphere. So I have a very nice evening in Leeuwarden against Cambuur. If there is then suddenly 7 to 8 thousand men shouts, that is quite a bit different than a Sunday afternoon at an amateur club. Furthermore, I have also able to develop well me, it was very hard to switch, it succeeds so far nice Aaa. '

' What you can expect is in any case: a motivated player, who is for the full 100% commitment and trying to pick out his career. How this will work out I would not dare sketches, Incha'Allah will be very nice, but who knows, that will turn out in the future. My goal is the first team and play in the Premier League, and hopefully within a year, and from that point I'm going then look further. Everything has to be step by step and you never know how everything is, most important of all is that I can continue to do my thing and stay Incha'Allah healthy where I happily of word. Wahlikoum Salam and thanks for your time and effort. '

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