Berrechid: boy killed after responding to sales ad on Avito

The 21-year-old boy commented on a sales ad from an engine.

A.r. was last seen on november 9, when he left to buy a Yamaha T-Max 530cc engine. According to the deceased would, 21 years old, to have gone with a sum of 100,000 Berrechid dirham to a motor to buy he had found through an ad on Avito, ma., an online sales site.

A.r. had no idea that the ad would cost him his life, he was butchered and his money was stolen. The parents of the deceased, residents of Casablanca, noted that their son had shown no signs of life some time and got in touch with his uncle where he was staying for his purchase. Their surprise was great when he told them that he had seen the young man no longer since he had left to the seller of the motor.

The parents of the victim were informed about the fate of their son after the police had come to their house after they had established the identity of a corpse that was found on a wasteland. According to local residents the deceased was a quiet person and loved by everyone. The identity of the murderer is still unknown.