Overview: all possible World Cup opponents of the Lions v/d Atlas

We are now finally reach, but the Stayer is verse two. Who can be our opponents?

Yesterday was in any case the African continent known to whom the 5 to distribute World Cup tickets. However, the qualifying series on the other continents not yet at an end, for now at least, it is interesting to see which countries are already have secured a place on the final round of next summer in Russia. On 1 december, the FIFA in the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow lottery tickets for the group stage of this global finals.

1. Egypt

3. Nigeria
4. Senegal
5. Tunisia

6. Belgium
7. England
8. Iceland
9. Serbia
10. Poland
11. Spain
12. France
13. Portugal
14. Germany
15. Russia

16. Iran
17. Japan
18. South Korea
19. Saudi Arabia

20. Argentina
21. Brazil
22. Colombia
23. Uruguay

24. Costa Rica
25. Mexico
26. Panama

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