Mayor Enschede: action Pegida disgusting

The Enschede Mayor Onno van veldhuizen distances herself from the action of the extreme right-wing organization Pegida.

"Disgusting, this is not our ethics," said Villanueva who today wants to see whether legal action possible.

Fourteen members of early Sunday morning conducted a Pegida action against the construction of a mosque. On a movie that the Organization on Twitter and Facebook to see that someone is placed in a dark robe on the future building site spills a wooden cross, allegedly with pig blood.

This you should not want, says Van veldhuizen viewing "Ku Klux Klan-like". "If you're so rages with a cross in the early morning, I get that Association." He calls inhabitants of his city on not to be provoked by "fourteen people who come to Enschede".

pigs blood