Comedian Gad Elmaleh gets own Netflix-series

In addition to a private comedy series will there be a new English-language stand-up comedy show of Elmaleh on Netlflix.

The Moroccan-French comedian Gad Elmaleh gets its first original comedy series, titled ' Huge in France ', as well as an English-language stand-up comedy show for the worldwide web-streaming network Netflix.

The comedy series is inspired by the life career of the comedian. The series follows Elmaleh's move by France to the US. The comedian, who is known in France, left everything behind in France "in an attempt to again make contact with his estranged, comedy hating, 16-year-old son in Los Angeles."

According to the American magazine is also the Executive producer of ' Elmaleh Huge In France '. There are 8 episodes of the series created by each about 30 minutes. Both the comedy series as the stand-up comedy show are planned to be in 2018 to broadcast via Netflix.

"I'm so happy and inspired by this possibility and could not be more proud to be part of the Netflix-family", said Elmaleh. "This project is incredibly personal to me, but more importantly, it has such a universal theme that I can't wait to share it with the world."

Elmaleh worked in January 2017 already working with Netflix with his stand-up special ' Gad Gone Wild '.

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