Overview: the performance of Champions breeder Renard in Morocco

Rabbani stepped in February 2016 in the Moroccan League, since then he is like several other internationals become audience favourite.

Hervé Renard State in Africa as the now 49-year-old Frenchman, winner prices has in Africa as a specialist who in addition very much involved in the countries where he is employed. After in 2007 as Assistant trainer to have started at the Ghana Football Association, he was later also employment relationships (in multiple periods) in Zambia, Angola, Ivory Coast and Morocco now. The story we know already, with both Zambia as Ivory Coast to fish Renard within the African Cup, a feat which no other coach is matched.  The feat he put down last Saturday with the Lions v/d Atlas was still not checked on his list of goals, it is the first time that the former coach of LOSC Lille will be active on a World Cup.

1. Since 2004 for the first group stage of the African Cup. stranded in the 1/4 final against Egypt
2. World Cup qualifying, Morocco's last performance was 1998
3. Of the 27 duels; 16 WINS, 6 draws and 5 defeats
4. Last but not least; creating a team and disciplined team with many young players within the ranks

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