Iran Earthquake death toll rises above 300

By an earthquake Sunday in the Western Iranian province of Kermanshah are at the border with Iraq sure 336 deaths.

Notify the local authorities. In addition, there are now about 3950 wounded counted. In Iraq are definitely six deaths and 68 people injured, reports the crisis centre of the regional government.

The quake with a magnitude of 7.3 occurred to 19.18 hours Dutch time. The epicenter was on 32 kilometres from the town of Halabja in Iraqi Kurdistan, just across the border in Iran.

On both sides of the border collapsed buildings in. In the border cities in Iraq is the State of emergency was declared. There are many aftershocks, some with a magnitude above 4.5. Under all the rubble would many people. It is expected that the death toll rises further.

The Dutch Foreign Minister Halbe Zijlstra on behalf of Netherlands has his sympathy to the victims of the earthquake.