Berkane: Man shoots his neighbor dead after arguing to noise

A feud between neighbors quickly changed in murder in the District of Sidi Slimane Echcharaa in the town of Berkane.

The argument began when a person who lived above a butcher shop is accused with the owner about the sound was raised by his machines. According to Al Ahdath Al Maghribia, the feud between the two persons quickly from words to blows, after which the person who lived above the butcher's shop get away ran to his rifle to go get.

He would have shot the butcher twice, in broad daylight and in plain view of everyone. Given the power of the weapon (shotgun) the deceased died immediately. The police in the city was quickly sent to the crime scene to arrest the murderer and the murder weapon.

The body of the deceased was taken to the mortuary of the provincial hospital of Edderrak.