The victim of the shooting in Marrakech: ' I hung between life and death ' (video)

The wounded victim of the shooting in Marrakech testifies for the first time for the camera.

Fatima Zahra, victim of the shooting in the café La créme in Marrakech, speaks for the first time for the camera since they left the clinic "Le Marrakech".

Very touched thanked Betty all physicians who took care for her and the staff of the clinic for their support and help.

"Everyone in the clinic has me physically and mentally better made", told Betty to the news site .

"The event was difficult for me, and for my family, for my parents it was horrible, because I hung the first 4 days between life and death", she added.

Fatima Zahra also made use of the occasion to thank all those who have visited her, whether it's the senior figures, including the wali of Marrakech and the Dean of the Faculty of medicine in Marrakech, or the volunteers to the Clinic came to make sure everything was in order.

Betty finally brought her condolences to the family of Hamza c., the deadly victim of the shooting, and asks anyone who looks at the video to a dua for him to do so.

As a reminder, on 2 november, there was a winding-up place in café La Créme in Marrakech. A medicine student, Hamza c., was liquidated. However, he was not the target, the shooters were wrong. The actual target was the owner of the cafe. Fatima Zahra was together with Hamza c. at the time of the shooting. A bullet had struck her in the abdomen and perforated her liver, stomach and intestines. Emergency surgery saved her life. The two shooters of the shooting are picked up and reportedly placed in isolation for security reasons.

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