2-year sentence for Syriëganger Laura H.

Syriëgange Laura h. (22) is by the District Court in Rotterdam sentenced to two years imprisonment, of which thirteen months conditional.

Because they already have a year in pre-trial detention has been sitting, they need not return the cell. The penalty is lower than the requirement of the public prosecution service (OM).

The District Court of Rotterdam has proven that h. is guilty of preparatory acts for committing terrorist offences. The Court deems not proven that she was a member of the terrorist group Daesh. She is acquitted of blame. The Court finds that there was of citizenship of Daesh.

It found that h. for her contribution in the background though Daesh had taken part in. It had against her almost three years in prison. Because two years probation was, she would also not go back to prison.

H. left mid-2015 from Leidschendam to Daesh-area with her husband Ibrahim and two very young children. She has always said that they're not exactly knew what was and that they really go there Daesh were going.

Just like the slide to the Court those claims aside. From statements, both of herself as witnesses, according to the Court shows that h. indeed knew what Daesh adequately and also that her husband Ibrahim warrior would be there. "H. is knowingly went to the battle area," said the Court. The Court finds h. punishable for helping out with preparations to commit terrorist offences.

After a year she fled the Caliphate, along with her children. Ibrahim left behind. His fate is unknown.