The rural development fund will be operational from 2018

The Fund for rural development (FDR) Finally comes off the ground.

In 2018, the activities of the FDR, placed under the leadership of the Ministry of agriculture, operational, L'Economiste writes today. L'Economiste specifies that no less than 6.85 billion dirham will be dedicated to the development program in the fight against social and territorial disparities.

L'Economiste added that 74% of the total budget is spent on road infrastructure, with the aim to promote the opening up of certain Alpine and mountain areas. Education is in second place and get 11% of the budget. The Department of agriculture confirms that other investment next year in the rural areas will be logged. According to the total of these investments would L'Economiste around the 90 million dirham. There will be international cooperation be sought to mobilize resources.

The Department of agriculture has an investment budget of 2018 for almost 10 billion dirham against 9 billion dirham last year.

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