Noteworthy: 9.5 million start premium for Moroccan bond after placement

One of the Nice Outlook after placement for the biggest football event in the world.

Apart from the sporting challenge of such a World Cup participation qualification also has other beautiful sides. One is the significant start premium that all participation football countries retrieved from FIFA. Where the amount previously had more than 6 million know Moroccan medium Al Massae today an even more lucrative premium. With as many as 9.5 million dollars can complement the FRMF its budget, an amount which ultimately goes to different parties.

When qualifying at your fingertips, in the Moroccan media called a premium of approximately 100,000 euro per player. Formerly received the internationals, so for the last 20 years ago, half of this amount. The bond would have chosen to increase this amount to players, who are financially less or even not at all independent, extra to excite in the run-up to this placement.

The remaining part of this $9.5 million will be used for the preparation for the global finals (games and training camps) and the payment of amounts to some clubs of internationals.

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