Twittergebruikers honor King Mohammed VI in Qatar with own hashtag

King Mohammed VI is widely praised by twittergebruikers in Qatar with its own hashtag.

The visit of King Mohammed VI to let Qatar the local inhabitants not indifferent. Since his arrival on Sunday 12 november, twittergebruikers of this small Gulf state the hashtag #كاسر_الحصار_محمد_السادس (freely translated: Mohammed VI blockade runner) was launched.

The Qatari to the Moroccan King on this way thanks for visiting the country, victim of a blockade imposed by its three neighbors: Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Some tweets (freely translated):

"He did not give to the pressure of the blockade countries, on the contrary, he sent a plane with food aid in accordance with Islamic teachings. His position will be remembered in the memory of the people of Qatar, "writes @bojasm28

"Real men appear in difficult times," wrote another twittergebruiker (@GCCSGCS) on Twitter.

"The King of Morocco, its monarchy is synonymous with support and no blockage, no animosity, brotherhood and love and no hate," wrote @boajab4 poetic.

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