' Many Grenfell-survivors still homeless '

Hundreds of people who were displaced by the deadly fire in the London Grenfell Tower, sleeping still with acquaintances or in hotels.

The local authorities have in many cases failed to timely new housing search, complained a parliamentarian.

Images of the inferno in the 24-story residential tower went in June the world over. About eighty people lost their lives. According to parliamentarian Emma Dent Coad, who represented the area in the Second room, shot the British authorities after the disaster serious deficit.

From government figures show that after the fire for 206 households a new home had to be searched. It got there so far only 28 permanent new living space assigned. Another 49 households are housed in temporary shelters.

"A lot of people are mad," said parliamentarian of the opposition Labour Party. They talked about families in small hotel rooms where children do not have room to homework. Also she told how parents could not restrain their tears when they talked about their situation.

The local government speaks against that mistakes have been made. The process would take some time because the authorities want to keep account of the wishes of those concerned.