More than 3000 people addicted to heroin in Tanger

Shocking figures for heroin addicts in Tangier.

According to Fouzia Bouzitoune, head of a training centre in the field of reducing the dangers related to drug use, would be more than 3000 people in Tanger are addicted to heroin.

Last Friday, a conference held by the Association Hasnouna in Chefchaouen, for the support of people who are addicted to drugs. During this Conference unveiled Fouzia Bouzitoune alarming figures about the consumption of heroin in Tangier and Northern Morocco in General. In its view, would be more than 3000 people consume heroin in Tangier. A number of that in this city is far greater than in other cities in the North. There would be 200 people consume heroin in Ksar Kbir, 150 in Chefchaouen and Abdallah, and 50 would consume hard drugs in Larache.

According to the same source the North also has to contend with the absence of addiction centres for young people, while this part of the population also very affected by addiction. 17% of heroin users in the city of Chefchaouen include between 17 and 23 years old.

These are figures showing that measures must be taken to prevent the spread of this phenomenon in order to prevent young people, reports the medium H24Info. The Conference was attended by doctors, civil society actors, a delegation of the Ministry of health and family members of heroin users.