Heated discussion at Rondo: '' must ensure that Moroccans for Orange choose '' (video)

A free choice is nowadays much more when it comes to international football.

Last Sunday came to Ziggo's Round just like in several other football programs the WORLD CUP-qualification of Morocco. Here degenerated the conversation about the placement of the Lions v/d Atlas in a heated discussion about the international choice of internationals. That someone goes through and then finally chooses youth teams of Orange for Morocco would ' not done '.

Former field hockey forward and midfielder Jacques Brinkman did there is still further and suggested, just as he in his column of last week in the Telegraph did, that it is unacceptable to holding dual citizenship for Orange.
[video = youtube; rKyqb5MmCd8] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = rKyqb5MmCd8 [/video]

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