134 million dirham cleared for renovation of 16 ksour and kasbahs

The Brown kasbahs and ksour with high walls hear traditionally in the image of Morocco.

The renovation program focuses initially on 16 trial locations that are chosen in consultation with local stakeholders and that are spread across three regions, namely the Oriental, Souss Massa and Drâa-Tafilalet.

The intended objective involves improving the socio-economic and housing conditions of the population of these ksour and the appropriation by the local actors of the operation of the maintenance of the locations.

The initial amount that is mobilized for the implementation of the sustainable renovation of the ksour and kasbah is 134 million dirham, which nearly 98% is funded by the Ministry of housing, spatial planning and urban planning. The rest is supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The duration of the programme is spread over five years (2015-2019), gives the head of the renovation program Bouazza Barka. Soon, two technical committees established for ksour and kasbat rehabilitation actions and projects for income generating activities, reports Medias24.