' Mitch Haile died as a result of acute stress '

Thus the overall conclusion of four experts who have investigated the death of the Aruban.

Mitch Haile is deceased by acute stress, probably because of the struggle that he made with agents who wanted to arrest him. That is the general opinion of four experts-pathologists and forensic doctors-who have investigated the death of the Aruban.

Initially, it was concluded that Haines died as a result of the controversial nekklem that one of the agents had applied on him. That the lack of oxygen-caused by nekklem-that has contributed to the death, is not excluded. The experts are not in agreement on all points, but they all reporting that the death is due to an acute stress syndrome.

Mitch Haile died the day after he was held at a music festival in the Hague, June 2015.

He called against agents that he had a weapon and hold to his crotch. When agents wanted to pick it up, he opposed violent. There were many hits with the baton, pepper spray and the controversial neck and head clamp to get him under control.

Two of the five agents are rightly concerned for the violent arrest. The lawsuit began Monday and lasts two weeks. On Tuesday, the experts discuss the cause of death. The strafeis next Monday against the two agents planned.

The substantive handling of this criminal case was earlier this year already planned, but because when a new report on the possible cause of death was brought in, the treatment was postponed.