New dismissal round in Morocco, 14 top executives fired

Among the fourteen top executives are also five current Secretaries-generals.

Fourteen top executives in seven Moroccan ministries have been laid off, including five Secretaries-generals of the coalition of Saad Eddine El Othmani.

King Mohammed Vi's promise of a "political earthquake" is still going on. After the dismissal of four government officials (3 ministers and one State Secretary) for their delayed implementation of socio-economic development projects in Al Hoceima, is reportedly a new dismissal round cases under Royal warrant.

Five Secretaries-generals were sacked, including Mohammed Reza, the current Secretary General of El Othmani, according to the Moroccan news medium Telquel.

The list of the top executives who also were laid off, are: Nadia Roudies, Secretary-General of the Ministry of tourism; Fatna Chihab, Secretary General of the Ministry of housing; Youssef Belkassmi, Secretary-General of the Ministry of education; Eunjoo Aaaa Babu, Secretary General of the Ministry of health; Abdellatif Ait Labady, Secretary-General of the Ministry of youth and Sport; and Rahman Al Islam Chimi, the budget Director of the Ministry of Sport.

The news was confirmed by a government source who spoke with Telquel. According to Telquel were also several other officials, whose names are still unknown, fired. The official news agency of Morocco, Maghreb Arab Press, the news has not yet been confirmed.

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