Sidi Bennour: dismantling of clandestine factory where liquor was produced

By the dismantling of this factory is much destruction.

The police brigade in Sidi Bennour Monday dismantled a clandestine distillation factory where spirits were manufactured. 25 barrels of 200 litres were seized, which contain more than 3000 litres of this liquor that were intended for sale.

During the House search at the suspect in the rural town Zaouiat Sidi Ismail, police seized equipment used for the production of strong drinks, including plastic barrels and bags with raw material for the production of this drink are used, reports the DGSN in a statement.

The research identified two persons involved in this criminal activity with multiple criminal sheets. The people will be brought to justice, the news medium Lefr360.

"They ask you about the wine and the game of chance. Say: ' In both is great sin and benefits to the people, but the sin in both is greater than their benefit. " (Al Baqarah 2:219)

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