Reports sexual violence doubled after #metoo

The number of victims of sexual violence in a sexual violence Centre (CSG) reports, over the last few months doubled as a result of the #metoo-discussion.

That says Director Ineke Salman of the victim support Fund financially supports the Centres that sexual violence. "From an average of 250 messages in the first months of this year doubled by the attention the notifications to 550 in October, and november let that same picture." The messages, which recent events concerning, received via the free phone number 0800-0188.

In a CSG, of which there are sixteen, a team of doctors, nurses, police, psychologists, social workers and victims of sexual assault and rape sex therapists together to the needed specialist care. That should preferably within a week happen because this is the chance on medical and psychological problems.

According to Salman, the increase still "just the tip of the iceberg." It stresses the need for according to her expert help after sexual assault and rape. The CSG has national coverage, but it is only since this year been threatened because the financing by the Empire is not yet certain.

The victim support fund has supported the centres over the past years with own money because such victim assistance after sexual violence there had not yet been and the demand was great. "Victims of sexual assault and rape are entitled to multidisciplinary, expert help. The Government should not let these victims, "said Salman. "We do urge the Minister to still to come over the bridge."

laura macleod
sexual violence