Dar Bouazza: 16 fishermen saved by marinepatrouille

By the prompt assistance of the marinepatrouille could be a drama.

A patrol of the Royal Navy was assisting on 11 november near Dar Bouazza a Moroccan fishing boat named "H", with sixteen fishermen on board, which was in difficulty. There was sea water into the engine room through still unknown reasons, gives an explanation of the Royal armed forces (FAR).

When the team arrived, they rescued nine fishermen, while another rescue team that also on the distress signal was published three other fishermen saved, reported FAR.

The owner of the fishing boat and three crew members remained on Board at first, hoping to be able to save the boat, but were a few hours later however, saved by the patrol boat of the Royal Navy, sinking came right before this, reports Lefr360.

Dragging the fishing boat failed due to the high influx of seawater, said the same source, adding that the sixteen fishing boat passed the Royal Navy to the port of Casablanca were brought.

dar bouazza