Five years in prison for rape in train

For raping a twelve-year-old girl in the train from Zwolle to Nijmegen is a 23-year-old man Thursday sentenced to five years in prison.

The penalty is much higher than the two years that the Prosecutor for the Court in Zwolle had demanded.

The 23-year-old Adam V.B. from Vleuten spoke on 6 may 2015 with the girl and lured her in a train. He abused her on the toilet. The man would be brought to court in March by agents, but he was without a trace. He still appeared in may but the judges wanted to further investigation. On the session two weeks back he turned out the legs to have taken to Spain. He was not there Thursday.

The man spoke with the girl off at the station in Zwolle and pressed her in the train. He abused her on the toilet under the threat of a knife. He left her without phone and wallet behind on the train.

V is also convicted of manufacture and possession of child pornography. He made pictures of a 14-year-old girl that stayed a few days at his home.