Ouezzane: 5 tank trucks to help with shortages of drinking water

In the province of Ouezzane prevails for some time a scarcity of drinking water.

Ilyas El Omari, President of the Regional Council of Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima, supplied Tuesday five tankers to the province Ouezzane to help with the shortage of drinking water.

"In accordance with the commitments of the region to the suffering of the people by the scarcity of drinking water in the province to reduce", said Ebi in a Facebook message that he had been published.

According to the same source these tankers have a capacity of 8000 litres. The tank cars were in the North mainly used to extinguish forest fires in local areas that are hard to reach, but can provide help in the South right good drinking water to remote villages.

The Facebook message from Ebi is to see .

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