Al Hoceima: fishermen have a lot suffer from black dolphins

The black dolphins wrecking the nets of fishermen.

According to the daily newspaper Assabah, which refers to a source from the port of Al Hoceima, the attacks of the black Dolphin usually for during the day. This fall the nets in groups to cetaceans and rip them then release causing a large amount of sardines is released. The catches of fishermen are reduced to nothing in most cases and the recovery of the nets is very expensive, making some fishermen even leave their job.

A situation that also the increase in the price of sardines in the region has caused. Many families in Al Hoceima also suffer from this price hike, fish is the main meal for more than 90% of the families in the region, Assabah writes.

According to an AFP report, the increased attacks on networks since 2011, making Al-Hoceima's catch is halved, from 8,972 tons to 4,576 tons per year.

al hoceima