Cell, tbs required for kidnapping converted girl

The 39-year-old Amsterdammer converted a 16 year-old girl threatened to take them to Syria.

Against a 39-year-old Amsterdammer that a 16 year-old girl threatened to take them to Syria's Friday three years imprisonment plus tbs demanded. According to the Prosecutor in the Court in Den Bosch was the vulnerable girl from Heesch (North Brabant) forced to marry and in Antwerp with the man being held in preparation for a trip to the battle area. The Prosecutor accuses the man of kidnapping and participation in a terrorist organization.

The girl was missing three weeks in the summer of 2016. They had previously converted to Islam and had suspicious Marlon g. on internet. She says he has taken her to Antwerp and them there was detained, abused and brainwashed. She said she had to dress up and that they covered themselves with him in a mosque had to get married.

On August 15, 2016 they dared to call the Belgian police and could she be released.

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