The special White Lion arrived in the Zoo of Rabat

The exceptional White Lion and two leopards could soon be seen in the Zoo of Rabat.

The Zoo in Rabat yesterday announced the arrival of the White Lion to on her Twitter account.

The White Lion is an endangered species where there are only 30 of life around the world. White Lions are not albinos, or so-called Krügerleeuwen, but in contrast to the Brown lion white pigment. White pigmentation is caused by an abnormal gene. There is no special subspecies. Two Brown parents can also suddenly become a white colored young, just as two white-colored parents only Brown boy can get.

By their striking appearance are the animals in the disadvantage of the hunt. They are also in the past proved to be very attractive for hunters because of their coat. The last wild caught specimens are presumably in 1970.

The Zoo of Rabat had last Tuesday even though the arrival of the notebook comes two leopards.

The Zoo of Rabat in 2012 was inaugurated by Prince Moulay El Hassan. The Zoo covers 50 acres and presents a variety of wildlife from Morocco, the Sahara and Africa. The Zoo of Rabat has about 150 different species.

There are five ecosystems reproduced in the Zoo: the Atlas mountains, the desert, the Savannah, the tropical forest and .

white lion