Noteworthy: innocent Moroccans in Spain are mistaken for terrorists by SOAP

This is a quite remarkable story!

Two Moroccans living abroad recently got the fright of their lives. They were held at gunpoint with machine guns suddenly by the Spanish police. The innocent Moroccans were ordered to lie down on the ground, with their face down and hands in the neck.

The Assabah newspaper post today that the incident happened last Tuesday when the two Moroccans in the port of Algeciras from Tangiers, arrived, and their vehicle was subjected to a routine check by the police with the help of sniff dogs. The snuff dogs responded immediately by running the vehicle from lightning, which normally suggests that there explosives or other prohibited hazardous products are present.

The local police then pointed their weapons to the two surprised and terrified Moroccans. The port of Algeciras was temporarily closed for all traffic and a helicopter of the Guardia Civil, with snipers on board, came above the stage fly. All spectators on site (remote) were present, immediately thought that it was a foiled terrorist attack.

The arrival of an explosives expert, on board a helicopter, made happy an end to this whole situation. When you open the trunk the expert discovered two boxes that each 5 kg sabon ' beldi ' (black SOAP) contained!

The two innocent Moroccans eventually received apologies from both the port authorities if the police, after which they make their travel relieved and probably with the sweat on their foreheads could continue.

sabon beldi
black soap